Our Services

Chelsea Investments specialise in all areas of financial planning. Ideally, we like to take a holistic approach to financial advice thus allowing us to build suitable goals for all your financial requirements. We advise on the following topics:



Whether it be ISAs, old PEPs (now ISAs) or investments held outside the tax wrappers, we are able to assess your portfolio and make sure it meets your financial objectives. We also regularly review our clients portfolios to ensure they stay on track.

Inheritance Tax Planning

There are many ways to mitigate some, and sometimes all, of the tax payable through re-writing your wills and the use of specialist investment products. Please contact us for further details.

Investing for children

Most people like to give something to their children when they reach a certain age or save for school or university fees. There are a range of products designed for this purpose but some are more effective than others in delivering good returns and sheltering money from the tax man.


Using our bespoke sourcing system, we are able to obtain the latest rates from all the mortgage lenders whether it be for a residential or buy to let mortgage. Did you know that the majority of home owners are paying the lenders standard variable rate which is generally 1.5%- 2% above the best deals available? All it takes is a simple remortgage.


After a multitude of policy changes, the pension rules have become much simpler. However, are you investing in the right funds? As you get nearer to retirement, you should be aiming to maintain the capital value rather than looking for capital growth. We review our clients pensions regularly to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability.


Whether it be income protection, term assurance or whole of life, we are able to source the best rates from the leading life companies. We also offer critical illness cover and advice on what not to buy when offered a myriad of policies with your mortgage.

Please contact us for further details on all the above.